The national association was established in 1987 to advocate for the needs of gifted children in Malaysia. Our work is similar to other NAGC charities around the world. We provide support for parents of children with high learning potential regardless of circumstance, age and background.

Of every 100 children, at least two can be classified as outstandingly high in intellectual, creative or social ability. Giftedness knows not creed, colour or class. The gifted learn quickly. As infants, gifted children pass the early milestones rapidly, talking early and learning to read before starting school. They have a thirst for knowledge of unusual subjects, and ask questions with insatiable curiosity.

These children are tomorrow’s leaders, scientists, artists, musicians and managing directors; their potential represents a national asset we cannot waste. We should take action to ensure that these national assets are identified and developed.


Aims & Objectives


To assist by all possible means children with outstanding gifts and talents to fulfil their potential, and to give support to parents, teachers and others professionally concerned with their development.


  1. To serve as a public advocate for the needs of gifted children.
  2. To provide opportunities for parents of gifted children to meet, share and discuss their problems and to consult specialists on education and other matters.
  3. To promote research and development of the nature and education of gifted children.
  4. To disseminate information to educationists, parents and the general public concerning the nature and education of gifted children.
  5. To encourage and assist the development of local and state organizations to support the education of gifted children.