What is NAGC Malaysia all about?

The aim of the association is to assist by all possible means children with outstanding gifts and talent to fulfil their potential, and to give support to parents, teachers and others professionally concerned with their development.

Are all the founding members of NAGC Malaysia gifted?

Being gifted is not a pre-requisite to be a member of the NAGC Malaysia; however all the founding members were certainly fully committed to helping the gifted children of Malaysia achieve their potential.

Who are eligible to be members of NAGC Malaysia?

Membership is open to any individual of 18 years and above desiring to foster the purpose of the Association. The spouse and the children under 18 years of age are eligible to attend all functions of the Association and use its facilities. Only the paid-up parent can vote and hold office.

How does the public join the association?

By filling up a membership form and paying the membership dues.

The majority of the members are parents of gifted children and parents interested in giftedness , who meet together through the Association for mutual support, to exchange ideas and experiences, and arrange activities for their children. The children can meet other children of similar talents and ability, make friends, and extend their interests together. The children are not required to pass any tests in order to join the Association or to participate in activities. Educators and researchers form a minority.

How many members do you currently have?

About 200.

What kind of activities does NAGC Malaysia organise?

To date, the Association has attempted to achieve its aim by organizing the following activities:

  1.                 Conferences
  2.                 Talks and Workshops
  3.                 Visits
  4.                 Courses
  5.                 Social Gatherings

In addition to the above, the Association has built up a resource centre comprising videotapes, books, magazines and other publications on gifted children, available on loan to members. The Association also produces a newsletter containing information on the activities of the Association, contributions from members and reviews of publications connected with the subject of gifted children. The Association also collaborates with the Ministry of Education and universities on programmes for the gifted.

What are NAGC Malaysia’s plans to promote its activities and further its cause?

NAGC Malaysia plans to make itself more visible, while continuing to provide the kind of activities that nurture young minds. A series of information leaflets on children of high potential has been produced and has been circulated to parents and teachers. From time to time, we also organize public fora aimed at educating the public on the challenges faced by children of high potential and ways to help them.

What is the population of gifted children in Malaysia?

The estimated population of Malaysians in 2008 between the ages 0-14 years is 8.9 million. If 2% of that figure are gifted (the standard common definition of intellectual giftedness is two standard deviations above average IQ, or 98th percentile, or top 2% of the population) – if 2% of 8.9 million children are gifted, then it would be about 178,000.