There are several ways to support the purpose of NAGC.

1. First, join NAGC as a member and maintain membership by paying your dues.

2. Provide us access to national education and development policy-makers.

3. Lobby for improvements on public policy to cater for all gifted children who are the assets of the nation.

4. Expand our network to include more gifted children researchers and advocates.

5. Volunteer by leading or executing projects and improvements planned for and by NAGC.

6. Volunteer continuous commitment to the running and expansion of NAGC.

7. Bring in volunteers and skills in leadership & management, finance, marketing and fund-raising.

8. Donate your time and/or money




Anyone interested promoting the cause of; identifying; nurturing; and/or improving conditions for gifted children in tandem with the aims of the association in Malaysia is welcome to join. The majority of current members are parents of gifted children who meet together through the Association for mutual support, to exchange ideas and experiences and to arrange activities for their children. Children can meet other children of similar talents and ability, make friends, and extend their interests together. The children are not required to pass any tests in order to join the Association or to participate in its activities.



Ordinary Membership – RM40 per year

This is open to all individuals of 18 years and above desiring to foster the purpose of the Association. Member’s spouses and children under 18 years of age are eligible to attend all functions of the Association and to use its facilities. Only the registered parent can vote and hold office.

Life Membership – RM300 one time

This is open to any individual who pays a one-time membership fee. Life members can vote and hold office.


Download and apply for membership

NAGC Membership Form

Acrobat Reader is required to read pdf files